Hello, and welcome to my site, Find Your Inner American.

This site is about the threat to our freedoms from the ever-increasing mass surveillance that is all around us, the tentacles of which are forcing their way into the most private corners of our lives. What is being constructed, without our express permission but nevertheless with our complicity, is a surveillance infrastructure so extensive and so embedded in our everyday technology, that the very fact of me starting this blog will mark me out as someone ‘to be watched’, the moment I hit the ‘Publish’ key.

So what is Your¬†Inner American? And what’s so special about Americans anyway? Well, nothing really, except to say that Americans, uniquely, have the tools to protect those freedoms, if only they would use them.¬†This site is to encourage us all, in this regard, to become like Americans.

So, saddle up, put on those Ray Bans, look West and come with me to Find Your Inner American. Your liberty depends on it.

So, what’s so special about America?